Flavor without the prep.

You’re probably like, “I’ve never heard of māla girl before.” Well, thankfully, now you have.

Chef made savory superfoods. Prepared from organically-sourced vegetable powders - cool stuff like dulse, moringa, reishi, lions mane, cacao (to name a few). Six flavor varieties, each with its own culinary personality and wellness benefits. Just open a packet. Smell the aromatics. Steep, whisk or stir your own masterpiece. And then, goodbye world. Hello savory goodness.

Chef. Founder.
Original Māla Girl.

Made for real people. By real people. Take a second and meet our founder, Chef Raechel Barfield, in her own words.

“Cooking is very close to my heart and soul in many ways. I spent my grade school years cooking with my mom. She was a passionate recipe collector. As we’d cook, she'd tell me about her dream to have a gourmet food shop - making delicious sandwiches to-go. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to fulfill that dream. She passed on before I turned 13. But, I know in my heart and soul that she’s still by my side even today.

So, I’m following her dream to cook and share delicious flavors with the world. Cooking has always been my first love. And now, it’s a career. Earning my chops in the research and development side of the food scene, I've discovered there's a need to rethink convenience. Why compromise when you can have plant powered benefits?!  Let Māla Girl adapt to the mood of your tastebuds. We've created the flavor so you don't have to. Simply add one scoop or packet to one cup of hot water.  

Food is emotion on a plate or in a bowl. It brings people together. Live life. Be sweet and make it savorize every moment.

Māla Girl
Mission Statement

Rethink convenience one sip, bowl or plate at a time. Why compromise with refined, processed foods that can slow you down, when you can have plant powered, nutrient rich, organic food instantly?!  Māla Girl products provide benefits that can help boost your immune system in every meal, anytime of day. Māla Girl was designed to be effortless gourmet made exclusively with plant powered feel good superfoods.
We highly encourage you to take the time to chill out and enjoy life every chance you get!

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